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If you interest to work in Middle East, sucha as Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Emirat and Saudi Arabia, You can see the jobs vacancy in directory list and submit your application by online system

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Bekerja di negara Kangguru (Australia) You should have specialis skill and fluent in English, otherwise you don't have chance to get job in Australia

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Lowongan kerja bagi tenaga kerja Indonesia juga terbuka lebar di negara-negara Eropa "europe" seperti di Netherlands (Belanda), Germany, Francis, Belgia juga Spanyol.

But those people with profesional skill only can get chance to work in Europe Countries.

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United Kingdom (Inggris) is the second largest business economic country in Eropa, Kesulitan untuk bekerja disana adalah dalam hal mendapatkan visa izin kerja.

Bagi tenaga kerja yang berminat untuk bekerja disana tidak diperbolehkan melamar langsung kepada suatu perusahaan, Tapi haruslah melalui suatu Agency atau perusahaan tenaga kerja yang sudah di akui pihak pemerintah Inggris.

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Minggu, 13 Januari 2008

Lowongan Job Bank International Indonesia (BII)

Bank International Indonesia (BII) recently held recruitment for the people who have strong passionate to grow, high integrity, continuous learning attitude and of course fluent in English in order to make excellent communication and presentation related to their job position.

To support improving progressive growth in the market, BII looking for young people with strong energy and self-discipline from reputable university to fill the jobs vacancies on the list bellow before 31st of January, 2008:

1. Management Associate (MA)

Those people who fill this job position, She/He will get 18 months learning opportunity comprises of various business spectrum across the bank to become a professional banker leader. Excellent Job and high competency is the way that can bring them to be a Manager.

Master degree from reputable university is preferred with Minimum GPA 3,25. Possess strong leadership qualities, good team player and excellent communication and presentation in English. Max 27 years old.

2. Officer Development Program ; Operation (ODPO), Sales (ODPS), Analyst (ODPA), Operation (ODPO)

Min S1 - degree from reputable university with Minimum GPA 3,00. Also BII loonking for Fresh Graduates who has strong analytical thinking combined with communication and leadership skills. Should be able in English and has knowleadge about Computer science. Max 27 years old.

3. IT Project Manager (PM) and IT Project Officer (PO)

Min S1 - degree from reputable university with Minimum GPA 2,75, preferably from Information Technology, Computer Science, or Electronic Engineering faculty. At least min 2 years exposure with a banking project for PO, and min 5 years experience in the banking project for PM. The applicant should be fluent in English and has strong analytical thinking.

4. Programmer (Pr)

Min S1 - degree from reputable university, preferably from Information Technology, Computer Science, or Electronic Engineering faculty with Minimum GPA 2,75. BII looking for people with strong analytical thinking and fluent in English with minimal 2 years experience as Programmer.

5. MIS Officer (MIS)

Min S1- degree from reputable university, major in Information Technology, Computer Science, or Electronic Engineering with minimum GPA 2,75. BII also open this vacancy for Fresh graduates people. Like other requirements, To fill this job position the applicant should has strong analytical thinking and solid knowledge about information system management. Of course Fluent in English.

6. Administration Staff (Adm) and Data Entry (DE)

Bank International Indonesia (BII) also give chance to the general Diploma-3 (D3) to work with them as an Administration Staff (Adm) and Data Entry (DE), But they should has minimal GPA 2,75. Those applicant interest with this job position, at least they should understand in English language. Has knowleadge how to use Ms Office and internet, Enjoy working behind the table.

7. Recruitment Specialist (RS) and Recruitment Officer (RO)

Min S1 Psychology (psychologist is preferred) and must be fluent in English, minimal 5 years working experience specialist in recruitment for senior level management for RS. Able in Computer proficiency, Banking exposure would be an advantage for the applicant. Those applicant who has Proficiency in BEI and Assessment centre involvement would be a plus for them.

  • Other Jobs Vacancies are also include :

  • - Internal Auditor (A)
    - Home Loan Officer (HLO)
    - Branch Manager Platinum Access for Jakarta (BMJ) and Surabaya (BMSb)
    - Platinum Access Relationship Mgr for Jakarta (RMJ), Surabaya (RMSb), Bandung (RMB) and Medan (RMM)
    - Cash Management Sales Officer for Jakarta (CSOJ), Surabaya (CSOSb), Bandung(CSOB), Semarang (CSOSm), Medan (CSOM)
    - Cash Management Product Mgr (CMPM)
    - Cash Management Customer Implementation (CMCI)
    - Tax Compliance Officer ( TCO)
    - Customer Service (CS), Teller (T) and Sales Executive (SE)
    More information about this job vacancies open this website and go to career section :

    Only the people with good communication skill, willing to work hard, persistence and detailed oriented will be on the list of candidate to work in Bank International Indonesia (BII).

    Note :

    a. Interested candidates who meet those qualifications above , They can send comprehensive resume with recent photograph 4 x 6 before Jan 31,2008 to :

    HR Relationship Division
    Wisma Kodel, 5th floor Jl.HR Rasuna Said Kav B-4, Jakarta Selatan 12920
    Send your CV to

    b. The applicant who interest with this job vacancies ; Customer Service (CS), Teller (T) and Sales Executive (SE). Submit and Send your CV to :

    HR Relationship Division
    Wisma Kodel, 5th floor Jl.HR Rasuna Said Kav B-4, Jakarta Selatan 12920
    Email :

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